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Reiki Precepts

The Five Reiki Precepts

1. Just for today, do not be angry.

2. Just for today, I will not worry.

3. Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

4. Earn your living honestly.

5. Show gratitude to all living things.


1. Anger is a negative and destructive emotion that usually hurts us and others. We can choose not to express anger, and we can change our response to things that make us angry. Reiki can help us work through our angry feelings and see things in a more positive light. Use an attitude of forgiveness for present and past wrongs, and anger will dissolve. If anger prevails find a positive outlet for it i.e. gardening, writing in a journal, painting, exercising, talking to a person you trust, etc

2. Worry is an emotion that we have about something that happens in the future and often never happens at all. It can color how we look at the future , and  can cause heartbreak and stress. Try to live each day as it comes, live in the moment. Letting go of worry heals the mind and body.

3. Respect and honor these people. Some teachers may come in disguise, learn form all you come in contact with even if the experience is a negative one. Remember what goes around comes around, if you give honor and respect to others you will receive it in return.

4. This refers to living your life with honor and truth. It is not our worldly wealth, but the manner in which we live, that reaps true benefits and value. Be honest with yourself and others. Always be true to your own beliefs and values, while respecting others. By  working at all we do honestly, we reap abundance for our souls.

5. Be grateful in your Heart!! Appreciate the little things! Inner intention and gratitude shown by thanks, forgiveness, smiles, kind words, can improve your outlook and those of others. Give thanks everyday for the blessings in your life and watch them increase as your awareness expands. a simple kind word can change another persons day!