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Reiki Class Curriculum

LEVEL ONE   ( 7 hours)  

 1. Introduction

2. What is Reiki? Overview, levels, history,

3. Chakras

4. Attunement process

5. Hand positions

6. Gassho position

7. Boysen scanning

8. Meditation

9. Reiki Precepts

10. Attunement

11. Practice

LEVEL TWO   ( 7 Hours)         * must have proof of level one training 

1. Introduction and sharing experiences with Level One.

2. Talk on Reiki Level Two symbols, Power, Emotional and Distance symbols, their use and how they heal.

3. Learn to draw the new symbols, test on them.

4. Attunement

5. Learn how to do Level Two treatment using all symbols. Learn how to send distant healing to situations, people, animals and the past and future.

6. Perform group and individual treatments

7. Be initiated and certified as a Level Two Practitioner.


Day One:

1. Introduction and overview.

2. Meditation

3. Origins of Reiki, Usui and Center for Reiki.

4. Using crystals and stones with Reiki

5. Master symbol and its uses, practice drawing. Test

6. Attunement

7. Reiki Guides and meditation

8. Psychic surgery

Day Two:

9. Reiki Three symbols, use, draw and test.

10. Master manual, review Hui Yin exercise, Violet breath and Anthakarana symbol.

11.  Second attunement.

12. Practice sessions on attunement

13. Q and A.

14, Meditation/blessings.