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Reiki Classes

Contact Avril if you are interested: Phone 828 467 9951 or email

What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of energy healing used to promote balance in the body's systems to allow the normal regenerative processes of the mind, body and spirit. Reiki means "Life Energy" and is used to promote a persons own ability to heal themselves.

What is the benefit of learning Reiki? Daily Reiki practice can help you live a healthier more harmonious lifestyle. You learn Reiki from a Master and have to be attuned to start using it. You can use Reiki to help yourself, others, flora and fauna.

What are the Levels of Reiki? There are three main levels of Reiki: Level One :- this is an introduction to Reiki, where you learn the history, the hand placements for treating yourself and others, and the basics of Reiki. Level Two :- This is a continuation level for those interested in pursuing more healing ability, and those who have been using their Reiki on a regular basis. At this level you learn three symbols to use to enhance your healing, and you learn how to do distant Reiki.  Level Three:- This is often divided into level 3 A or Master. Level 3A you learn the new symbols and  receive the Master attunement but not  do not learn the Master Symbol or  the ability to give an attunement. The Master level allows a person to teach and attune others in the wonder of Reiki, and  the practitioner then has the right to call themselves Master/Teacher.

How much are the classes? Prices vary from Master to Master. Serenity Garden offers Level One at $150 plus $20.00 for the Reiki manual. Level Two is $200.00 and Master Level is $500.00.

What do I learn? See the class curriculums

How long are the classes? Level One and Two are 7 hours each. Master class is two days 

How do I prepare for the classes? It is good to clear your mind of worries, and come to class with an open and intuitive mind. Prior to the Level two class you should have been doing Reiki as a daily practice for some time as a Level One Practitioner. Prior to Master class you should have spent time considering why you wish to advance. Are you interested in becoming a teacher or just to gain higher level of skill?